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Elevate your entertaining know-how with one of our Booze Towers! They make a fabulous addition to your home bar and are also great gifts for the liquor connoisseurs and mixologists in your life.

  • Features a plain black neck and brown handle. Add a black or brown leather sleeve for a classy touch!


Instructions for Use

Installing Your Bar Tap Handles Properly

Step 1:  Open valve

Step 2:  Screw Handle all the way down to the bottom

Step 3:  Back handle up to the proper position

Step 4:  Tighten valve under handle


Fitting Gaskets Properly with Different Bottle Sizes

There are two different size gaskets that are included in with your Booze Tower. Determine the correct size, with the lid on, and then move forward with loading your bottle.


Load a Single & Double Booze Tower

Step 1:  Take lid and strainer off bottle

Step 2:  Cut plastic seal that holds the lid on

Step 3:  Turn tower sideways

Step 4:  Place bottle in one hand

Step 5:  Tilt tower 45 degrees

Step 6:  Insert the bottle into the tower

Step 7:  Release air bubble


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