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Managing The Online Store

To access the online store either click on the shopping bag icon in the lefthand sidebar, or:

  • Expand the site menu by clicking the Menu & Pages icon at the top left

  • Select any store page under **MANAGE STORE BELOW**

  • Click on the product gallery

  • Select "Manage Products"

The Store Dashboard allows you to manage everything store-related, including:

  • Individual products, as well as whole collections

  • Online orders

  • Messages

  • Invoices

  • Marketing Tools 

Products are organized as follows:​

  • All products are organized into a categories, ie: Kitchen towels, paper products, pillow cases, etc.

  • The "Online Store Products" page displays every single product in the store in the order they were added to the site. This page is not visible to shoppers. It cannot be removed from the page as that would remove the entire online store.

  • The individual product pages are accessible to shoppers on the live site via the "Shop" Page. The thumbnails on the page take shoppers to the corresponding store pages.

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